How To Make Your Own Compost

Jane Askey Making your own compost is a wonderful way to teach children the wonder of nature, do your bit for recycling, and save yourself having to heave heavy and expensive bags of compost back from the garden centre. Compost is liquid gold: great to ensure fresh veggies and fruits of the highest quality, and[Read more]

Alternatives to Conventional Supermarkets

Image: Zero Waste Near Me Fed up of always having to use supermarkets? In truth, most of us would love to shop at independent groceries, but if you don’t have one near you (very likely) there are a few alternatives. So this post will showcase a few good independent grocery stores so you can support[Read more]

Switch To A Natural Deodorant

Happy Holistics Vegan Deodorant is handmade in Bristol We don’t live in a particular hot country in England. So it’s not like millions of sweaty people are smelly! So why our chemists and supermarkets and chain stores packed with aisles of toxic polluting deodorants and anti-perspirants? It’s not just your underarms: the marketing men have got[Read more]

Make Pretty Things From Junk!

Sarah Louise Matthews Rather than buy new items to make creative gifts, why not use up some of the junk we have polluting out planet, and do it that way instead? That’s what real creativity is all about: not going shopping for plastic-wrapped paper and tools, to create yet more junk! Most crafting uses glue. Coccoina[Read more]

Only Choose Cruelty-Free Beauty

Not many people in England are fans of cosmetic testing on animals. Everyone knows to look for ‘the white bunny’ (or some kind of bunny logo). But the issue is that there are so many labels, it is confusing. And animal testing for cosmetics in the UK is now banned. After many years of campaigning[Read more]

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Naturally!

Vegan Raspberry Bakewell Tart, Lazy Cat Kitchen If you have a sweet tooth and despair of ever being able to give up all your favourite treats (even though you know they are bad for your health, rot your teeth and are not sustainable), you are going to love this post! First we will look at[Read more]

How To Plan a Simple, Green Burial

Jo Grundy You would think that after all the consumerism of modern life, the powers that be would leave you alone to die in simplicity and peace. Not so! As soon as you start your transition, a whole new big business swoops down to rob you and your family of any peace. The funeral industry[Read more]